Tensions rise within the Ferrari team

Tensions rise within the Ferrari team

    Teammates Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, for one reason or another, are getting closer every day both in the points and on the track. As usual in this type of sporting situation, this translates into an increase in controversy and a drop in the performance of the Scuderia drivers.

    After the exchange of radio messages and the difficult situations of the race that Binotto and company had to manage from the wall, in a race where the proximity and the meetings between the two were more frequent than usual; Today, the situation has repeated itself.

    Freedom to run or team orders?

    Since the start of the weekend, Ferrari’s management have been constantly asked about the dilemma of having their two teammates on an equal footing, of knowing whether they will maintain the philosophy of free combat or if, on the contrary, they will will establish an order and a non-aggression pact between colleagues so as not to waste time in the race.

    Marc Gené, in conversations with DAZN F1, showed himself in favor of this type of meeting, defending that for the team the important thing is the points of the two drivers, no matter which of the two accumulates the most.

    For his part, Mattia Binotto in the morning press conference expressed himself in a remark similar to that of his colleague “I’m happy to see my pilots fighting, I understand that every time there are team orders people complain because they want to be left to fight freely, but if they fight without team orders they also complain”; “Whatever we do is wrong, if we had a very exceptional pilot we would give him priority, but that’s not the situation right now”.

    The tension is back on track

    The fact is that far from calming down, the situations in the race tend to multiply. Without going any further, today in the sprint race which serves as a qualification for tomorrow’s race, Carlos and Charles exchanged positions and attacks on the first lap, then some time after, until finally Charles managed to take his distances with the Madrilenian.

    Later in a press conference, each driver defended his position, in a crossroads of statements reminiscent of old rivalries between teammates.

    “Ha habido unas cuantas batallas en la salida, lo cual ha sido divertido” ha defendido Carlos Sainz, naturalizando la situation quien comprehended that poco se podía hacer contra Max hoy y por tanto la lucha debía centrarse entre ambos pilotos de Ferrari por hacerse con el second post; reviewing once again that it was fun first and foremost.

    For his part, Leclerc did not understand it in the same way, the Monegasque who was defending second place was involved in the battle with Sainz and when he ended up beating the Spaniard it was already too late to try to go for the win. In a radio message during the return to the pits, he expressed himself saying that “we just have to be calm tomorrow in the first laps and not fight”. He also dropped that in the first laps of the sprint he was trying to hold, thinking about the end of the race, implying that the gap that Verstappen was allowed to open served him the race on a plateau.

    In the end, both riders were asked if they were in favor of the fight or not, to which both coolly replied that that decision was up to Mattia Binotto and the team.

    Anyway, the fact is that tomorrow we will repeat the grid order seen today, which seems to predict a new Sainz-Leclerc assault and which is starting to be felt as the atmosphere heats up again in the ranks of the cavallino, where according to various media, a garage division has already begun to be built.

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