Teresa Andrés’ sunny bridal makeup look you’ll be wearing all summer long

Teresa Andrés' sunny bridal makeup look you'll be wearing all summer long

Teresa Andrés has finally given the “yes I want” with Ignacio Ayllón, after more than eleven years of relationship in an idyllic marriage on the outskirts of Valencia. The “influencer” and early childhood educator became husband and wife in an idyllic ceremony, where the bride shone in every way.

The content creator is committed to naturalness in all of her looks and her wedding day was not going to be any different. For this reason, Teresa did not want to take any risks and opted for natural and “nude” tones with which she feels more comfortable on a daily basis, with a sun makeup that we will want to wear all summer long.

Her usual makeup artist, Mara Fervi, opted for a look that highlights the illuminated face, smoky eyes and natural lips and reveals the step by step to recreate it from home.

Teresa Andrés' bridal makeup
Teresa Andrés’ bridal makeup

The importance of good preparation

“One of the best tricks to keep your face intact throughout the celebration is to prep your skin before applying makeup,” says the makeup artist. As we already know, the ‘first’ is one of the essential elements so that the make-up remains intact throughout the day, so it cannot be missing in a bridal look.

Fervi used the serum on Teresa to hydrate her skin Capture the Total Powerful Super from Dior Beauty, which contains the latest generation acetylated hyaluronic acid, leaving a hydrated and purified complexion and, therefore, more juicy and luminous.

Once the skin is ready, comes the makeup base. Teresa always opts for natural looks with a “luminous” effect to give the skin that juicy touch and that’s why Fervi chose to use Capture Totale 3N Super Potent Serum Foundation by Dior Beauty, “a concentrated treatment enriched with corrective pigments that evens out the complexion and gives it a precious luminosity”. In this case, products like make-up veils, BB Creams or CC Creams They will be our best allies.

Makeup products used for Teresa Andrés' wedding look
Makeup products used for Teresa Andrés’ wedding look

‘Sun kissed’ effect, the star of the look

What characterizes Teresa Andrés wedding makeup is her ‘good face’ effect thanks to ‘bronzer’, blush and highlighterwith a technique that leaves the skin as if “kissed by the sun”, which is why they have enhanced their natural tan.

Fervi used sun powder on Teresa Dior Forever Natural Bronzeand powder blush Dior Rouge Blush 028 Actress to give the cheeks a lightly rinsed effect.

In addition, the light areas have been marked in counterpoint to bring vitality to the face. On this occasion, on the so-called ‘T’ zone, the tip of the nose or the mobile eyelid with a highlighter, applying it with circular movements. The brow bone, cheekbones, tip of the nose, Cupid’s bow and chin are the areas that the expert recommends to achieve ‘glow’ skin like that of the ‘influencer’.

Teresa Andrés' bridal makeup
Teresa Andrés’ bridal makeup

Look that enhances the rest of the look

A luminous look goes perfectly with smoky eyes in shades of pink, made up with the eyeshadow palette Dior Backstage Eye Palette Shade 004 Rosewood Neutrals to prolong the effect of make-up and enhance facial light. “Since Teresa has green eyes, we used brown tones with aubergine and pink undertones to highlight them. We also applied a golden tone on the mobile lid for extra shine,” comments the ” makeup artist.” To frame the look, they used a mascara.

Finally, to achieve those perfect eyebrows, the eyebrow mask was applied Diorshow On Set Brow 032 Dark Brown. “In this way we get Perfectly groomed and shaped eyebrows“says Fervi. The result is an intense and hypnotic gaze framed by raised and visibly denser eyebrows.

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natural lips

The final touch was made by some discreet and juicy lips with a slight touch of color. For this, Fervi applied the lipstick Dior Addict 100 Look Nude, a highly hydrating formula that leaves lips with a sensational shine. A “nude” tone that brings light to the face while keeping the lips hydrated throughout the day.

The influencer found it perfect look for any occasion, with an enviable skin and a makeup that we can modulate according to our needs. A success that we will wear this summer to further enhance our natural beauty.

Teresa Andrés' bridal makeup
Teresa Andrés’ bridal makeup

The dress

After several days of waiting, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: see Teresa Andrés’ wedding dress. The style, the color and in general, the essence of the garment, were as we had imagined.

True to her unique energy, the “influencer” chose a Navascués wedding dress, in the classic and timeless style characteristic of the house. “The wedding dress has been clear to me since I can remember. I knew I wanted to get married like I’m going to. I was worried about being able to convey and realize what I had in mind, but we succeeded and I am very happy,” commented the newlywed.

With a classic cut, the dress features a sweetheart neckline, long sleeves and shoulder pads. On the other hand, the skirt is tight and the tail is parted making it a much more comfortable design.

Teresa Andres' wedding dress
Teresa Andres’ wedding dress

The design is inspired by Valencia, its homeland, as the hardened breastplate evokes Fallera dresses. However, the big surprise is in the renderings of the neckline tribute to one of Lady Di’s dresses: the knowledge Elvis which Diana first wore to the British Fashion Awards in 1989.

Finally, the sail it also has a history and is part of its “borrowed something” thanks to Antigüedades Me Encanta, a Valencian antique dealer. this garment belonged to Barbara Huttonan American aristocratic socialite who was a style icon in the last century and wore it when she married Georgian Prince Alexis Mdivani in Paris in 1933.

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