The difficult repair of the damage caused

The difficult repair of the damage caused

Britain’s Conservative Party has forced the resignation of its leader and UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in a move pushed by the electoral calendar and its promoters aware that the man who led them to an outright victory at the polls was become a ballast for the future of training. The question now is whether there is enough time left to repair the damage done and, of course, whether the Conservatives will be able to put forward a candidate with enough influence over a population that is less and less willing to listen to the siren song of populism. .

Because now, when things go wrong and every election call turns into a setback, it’s easy to blame the failure, but Johnson is still the same politician who vindicated himself in his extravagances, laughed at his antics and, above all, he tolerated his tendency to invent the truth. We will be told that the cause of his disgrace is to be found in the impudence of his behavior during the harsh months of confinement due to the pandemic, but this is not true. The ultimate cause must be sought in the political and intellectual error of having endorsed the ideological principles of the defunct Independence Party (UKIP), architect of the populist national movement which led the British to Brexit.

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