The Diversity festival is suspended 10 days after its celebration

The Diversity festival is suspended 10 days after its celebration

Concerts organized at the Cité des Arts. / signs of jesus

The concerts of Iggy Pop, Karol G and Cristina Aguilera scheduled for July 21 to 23 are suddenly canceled without the organization explaining the causes.


The Diversity festival, whose celebration was scheduled for July 21 to 23, was canceled ten days before its celebration. The organization of the event sent a note regretting that they had to make the decision “to permanently cancel Valencia’s celebration of diversity”. To this they add that “the procedure for the full return of the tickets will be communicated soon”. Between July 21 and 23, concerts were scheduled in which, among other artists, Iggy Pop, Karol G and Cristina Aguilera took part.

From the organization they pointed out that “we have done everything since 2019 to achieve a dream in a spectacular place and an inclusive city like Valencia”. To this, they added that they “worked day after day with the aim of being able to introduce a musical window that sought to cover a base of values ​​that lived up to the expectations of our audience”.

Along with these assessments, they recalled the circumstances that have led to “these last few years having been difficult to face and we have come up against the complex situation that the culture sector and more particularly the music sector is going through on a global level. ” . And after this precision they underlined that “we regret to inform you that we cannot guarantee the realization of the Festival at the present time under the conditions necessary for its smooth running”.

This is how the C. Tangana party in Valencia sounds

Before issuing the statement, the website for this event that was created in Valencia this year had ticket sales paralyzed. “Tickets not available,” says the space. The place chosen to organize these meetings is the City of Arts and Sciences. Although at first, as LAS PROVINCIAS reports, the event aspired to be held in June, in the end it had to be at the end of that month, given the schedule commitments that some artists had.

The Centro del Carmen hosted the official presentation, during which the director of the festival, Jesús Lumbreras, acknowledged that a difficult start and first year are expected, without giving further details on the evolution of ticket sales. , he said between his teeth: “Hoping to sell us, that’s the goal.”

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On the scheduled program, the Valencian Jimena Amarillo or the composer Sandra Monfort sharing the stage with Iggy Pop, Christina Aguilera or the Black Eyed Peas. The bet is ambitious with a poster in which international artists cohabit with very local singers. The intention is not only to conquer the Valencian public but also to attract tourism in this way, as Lumbreras explains.

“For us it is a long-term project and it was born with a different idea, because we believe that Valencia has the ideal conditions to have an audience from other cities, it has potential that has not yet been realized. exploited in this direction”, they underlined during the presentation. For this reason, the maxim they then pointed out as the one they had set themselves was to find alliances with public administrations and companies dedicated to tourism.

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