The Joker doesn’t take a vacation: 19 new infected apps you should remove from your mobile

The Joker doesn't take a vacation: 19 new infected apps you should remove from your mobile

Cybercrime does not rest on vacation. As they have been doing for months, the companies specializing in cybersecurity alert in July that, despite the fact that the vast majority of Spaniards are already enjoying their long-awaited holidays or if not, they are aiming for them, cybercriminals are more active than ever using malicious software known as Joker to infect various applications and try to steal their money.

Indeed, after giving the alert on 20 infected applications in mid-June last, so far in July, the Indian company Secneur X has already warned that its experts have detected the presence of the Joker in two new GooglePlay applications. ; Spanish company ESET has added one more to the Joker blacklist; From the Re-ind account they have alerted up to 12 new infected applications and from Pradeo they have denounced that there are four new applications with this malware which, by simply adding their downloads, accumulate more than 100,000 potential victims. In total, so far in July, experts have detected nearly 20 apps from Google Play infected with this popular malware with a nasty name.

Here we tell you what they are, because according to all these cybersecurity companies, if you have installed them on your mobile phone or tablet, you must remove them immediately. Each in their own way, all of these apps were infected with a malicious software whose sole purpose is to steal those who install it: first by stealing their personal data and then with their money.

The new applications infected by the Joker

  1. smart texting
  2. Tensiometer
  3. voice language translator
  4. Quick Text SMS
  5. Emoji Keyboard Fonts
  6. Timestamp camera
  7. StyleMessage
  8. beauty filter camera
  9. Daily blood sugar
  10. Large keyboard
  11. Private game messages
  12. Interesting chat messages
  13. Painting photo editor
  14. Quick chat message
  15. Smile Bubble Message
  16. cute emoji texting
  17. PDF reader scanner
  18. Funny smart message
  19. Emoji Keyboard Theme

This is how the Joker, the most famous virus of the moment, works

19 Joker-infected apps you should remove right now. / Getty Images

His technical name is ‘Bread’ although everyone knows him as the Joker. This malicious program has become the most notorious computer virus in the world thanks to its ability to infect applications of the Android operating system in particular and Google Play, the marketand Google, in particular.

This malware or virus was first detected five years ago in 2017 and is designed to spy on and store data of its victims. Indeed, the Joker is able to detect the contacts saved in the calendar of its victims, to read the SMS that it receives or sends and to subscribe the terminal which contains an infected application to premium or paid services at the unbeknownst to the owner.

The modus operandi of the cybercriminals who distribute the Joker is as follows: first create a clean application. Sometimes they choose messaging, other emojis, sometimes they focus on wallpapers or a long etc. Later, they hook it up on Google Play and when they have already passed the tech giant’s barrier, they release an update for this malware infected app and that’s when they start stealing data and money from their victims.

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