The perfect app to discover the sky in summer

The perfect app to discover the sky in summer

One of the irresistible plans on a summer evening is to go somewhere dark enough and lie down on a blanket to gaze at the sky. A economic pleasure accessible to all who may move away from urban centres. To help you understand the arrangement of the stars and learn a lot about the sky, this application to discover the sky in summer is a real gem that you must download now.

The app to see the summer sky

Star Walk 2 is one of the essential applications for discovering the night sky. In its favor, it should be very intuitive and easy to use. If we have enabled geolocation in the mobile, we can place them anywhere with low lightwait for our eyes to get used to the darkness and see how the stars appear.

On moonless nights, and if there is a total absence of light, one can contemplate the milky way without any inconvenience. After spending a few minutes enjoying the night sky, it’s time to activate the app. It will clearly show us the position of the stars, being able to identify the star groups, constellations and planets visible at that time.

With it we can locate the star we want, we will only have to enter it in the search field and the application will guide us to it. Thanks to the application, we will be able to know when is the next meteor shower and it will indicate the best position and hour of the night to be able to contemplate it.

The use of augmented reality allows us to more easily locate the stars that interest us. This is not just any application, if not for us to learn more about the firmament and start discovering it. great interest for adults and fascinates the little ones, who have the chance to see a completely free spectacle and an immensity beyond our imagination..

Star Walk 2 stands out for the quality of its graphics, for its animations and because it shows that it is a product designed so that we can clearly discover what the night sky looks like. The app is not free, It has a cost of € 2.99, but totally worth it. For the price of two coffees, you forever have the perfect APP to experience and enjoy the night sky on those summer nights.

The sensation you get when you return home after a moment of discovering the sky is something that leaves a very pleasant taste in your mouth. Do not hesitate, Star Walk 2 is the definitive app to appreciate the firmament. One of the apps of the summer.

Download Star Walk 2 for iOS and for Android.

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