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El problema tras la última actualización de Android Auto que puedes resolver así

If you are having trouble connecting Android Auto to your car or while it is running, There is a very simple solution with which you can fix it.

Recently, Google launched the the final version 7.8 of Android Auto, which promises to fix errors so you can use it in your car without any problem. Although, as usual, the company does not specify what improvements this new version introduces. And, in addition, the changes are not visible at first sight but they go inside.

To be able to enjoy the final version 7.8 of Android Auto, all you have to do is access the Play Store on your phone. In mobiles that have Android 9 or earlier versions installed, they must download the application, however, those with Android 10, since they already have Android Auto integrated, they will only have to enter the Play Store and update (if this option does not appear, it will have been updated automatically).

Remember that If you don’t see Android Auto on your mobile, it doesn’t mean it’s not installed.because this application does not run until it is connected to the car and displayed on the car screen.

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Android Auto 7.8 does not carry the new interface

However, the final version 7.8 of Android Auto also does not include the new Coolwalk interface which Google introduced in May and promised it would be available in the summer. Also, the company just released the 7.9 beta, and at the moment it doesn’t have Coolwalk either; Beta versions are only available for a small group of users, who are allowed to test the application before presenting the final version. For now, one of the improvements that some Android Auto 7.9 beta users have noticed is in sound quality.

The new interface Coolwalk will benefit from greater fluidity in the operation of Android Automore direct and simple searches in Google Maps, better control of multimedia content or improvements in the Google Assistant which, for example, will be able to recommend quick actions, without the need to be distracted from the wheel Likewise, we will be able to answer to messages and call your favorite contacts even faster.

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Visually, the most impressive thing about the new Coolwalk interface is that it completely changes Android Auto’s main menu, which you will have a split-screen mode that allows you to adapt to any screen formatregardless of its size or whether it is horizontal or vertical.

In any case, the future of this application is in the new operating system Android Automotive OS, which works independently of mobile phones and was first seen on the Polestar 2. But Android Automotive OS is not Android Auto; If you want to discover the keys to this new system, do not miss this other article.

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