The Spain of Mara and Folgueiras will play the final of the U-17 World Cup

The Spain of Mara and Folgueiras will play the final of the U-17 World Cup

With Pau Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro, Felipe Reyes, Berni Rodríguez and Carlos Cabezas watching from the standssome juniors will fight for gold again. They will also do it against the United States in a final (this Sunday at 9:00 p.m.) which smells good of Lisbon in 1999.


53 – France (17+13+18+5): Pietrus (5), Diawara (1), Sarr (7), Malwaya (11), Risacher (2) -initial quintet- Fibleuil (8), Dadiet (0), Jacques (8), Lamart (2), Logué ( 4), Penda (5), Pichard (0).

68 – Spain (13+19+14+22): De Larrea (1), Hugo González (7), Langarita (11), Folgueiras (9), Almansa (10) -initial quintet- Aday Mara (16), Marí (4), Vicente (0) Conrad (10), Delicate (0), Vidarte (0).

The 2005 generation came out with a firm step. With a pandemic through, The U-17 World Cup was this generation’s introduction to society, reminiscent of the 1980s. A team with a lot of quality, but also character, as they showed with their comeback in the quarter-finals against Australia and in the last minutes against France, which they took out of the game. Giant Aday Mara (2.20) gave the national team the lead (48-49) before signing his fourth staff and going to the bench. The national team then gave no more options to France. Partial 5-19 for the 53-68 which allows this generation to bathe in gold.

And that the match was not as easy as it seems with this final score. France immediately took the lead (6-0). Spain were thick and did not score or free throws. Hugo González, with his second release, created the national team account which changed with the entry of Aday Mara and Conrad Martínez. The leader of Penya, shock player against Australia to qualify for the semi-finals, gave another air to the team and linked up with the center of Casademont Zaragoza (2.20 and 17 years old) who He had 11 points and 4 rebounds in the first two quarters.

Conrad, on the loose, gave Javier Zamora’s men the first lead of the match (19-20, min. 20) and the national team entered the break with a slight advantage (30-32). Spain, more stuck in the static, runs as soon as it can, dominates the rebound (27 rejections against 15 at halftime) and takes advantage of an area that allowed triplets from France… who did not enter it (2/12).

The shot was a burden for the Frenchman, who finished with a lousy 10.5% in treble (2/19) and, more worryingly, 44% of the staff line (11/25). If they managed to stay in the game in the third quarter, it was thanks to the offensive rebound and the second chances. But as soon as Spain started having fun, they disappeared.

The last assault began with this 2+1 from Mara which marked the beginning of the end for the French. Izan Almansa, more discreet in attack than in other games, took the field for the Casademont giant and, above all, entered the game. Even if he didn’t have a good day at the free throw (0/7), all the rebounds went to him (14 total, 6 offensive) and he also started contributing on offense. Langarita, with a formidable hat-trick, froze the French (53-62, min. 37), who got stuck with those 53 points and Carpena turned into a party. It was not for the lowest. It will be the first men’s world medal in training since gold in juniors. And what’s even better: this generation is as beautiful as that one.

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