The tribulations of Cristiano Ronaldo pass through Qatar

The tribulations of Cristiano Ronaldo pass through Qatar

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t show up for Manchester United’s first training sessions and didn’t travel to Thailand to start pre-season. He wants to leave the club, although he hasn’t said so publicly. Cristiano has one year left on his contract with United, where he earns £450,000 a week, a salary which will be reduced by 25% this season as United will not play in the Champions League.

It doesn’t seem that money is the cause of their estrangement. Annoyance for the absence in the Champions League weighs more. It was his competition that sealed his career. Five Ballon d’Or bears witness to this. Until recently, Cristiano didn’t choose a destination. He chose it. Two, three, maybe four clubs figured in the design of his career. They had to be tall, rich and capable. For 16 years he played for two of them: Manchester United and Real Madrid, delighted to welcome him and happy with his crazy goal production.

Cristiano signed for Juve in 2018. For the first time his influence started to be discussed. The numbers backed it up – no player reached 100 goals faster in the Italian League – but the team’s performance began to decline. Age entered as a topic of discussion.

At United, where he was welcomed like Ulysses on his return from Ithaca, the debate sharpened. 18 goals in 30 league games, six in the European Cup and the team’s top scorer. United, however, scored 16 fewer goals than the previous season and did not enter the Champions League.

At 37, Cristiano is still perceived as productive, but impractical for the current model: incessant pressure, general discipline. A long time ago, Cristiano and Messi got off this train. At this stage, they are more aware of their particular program than general obligations.

Hiring Cristiano was a blessing. Sign it now is not. Where does the Portuguese star want to go? That he likes ? None of the big contenders to win the next European Cup. However, Cristiano and Messi have two teams where they are not discussed. One is Portugal; the other, Argentina. Two teams where you work for them without a doubt.

Cristiano has never won the World Cup. Neither does Messi. They still have the ball from Qatar, four weeks that will go up like this season’s Everest. Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision is probably less linked to his daily appetites than to his voracious desire to win the World Cup. From this point of view, what interests him is finding a club that brings together the best environmental conditions so as not to distract him from his long-awaited dream.

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