These are the autonomous communities with the highest salaries in Spain: up to €2,077 per month

These are the autonomous communities with the highest salaries in Spain: up to €2,077 per month

Although wages can vary a lot depending on the professional sector or position held by a worker, there are certain territories where the average is much higher than others. Only five autonomous communities in Spain posted a higher average salary in 2021 to the national average which amounts to 1,751 euros per month. A study “Adecco Annual Monitor on Salaries” prepared by Adecco Group Institute, analyzed remuneration in Spain based on data from the quarterly labor cost survey.

To do this, they also took into account other aspects such as the difference between nominal and real wages depending on the economic sector, the size of the company or the working day. Will also be taken into account the gross ordinary salaries, that is to say the monthly payments before deduction of the part corresponding to the corresponding deductions or deductions. For this reason, extraordinary payments, overtime, delays or compensation are not considered.

The average salary is currently 1,751 euros per month in Spain, 6.6% more than the previous year and marking a new historical record. But all that glitters is not gold, if we exclude the change in consumer prices, we see that inflation has taken away half of this salary increase and that the power gain of purchase in 2021 was only 3.4%. If we also compare it to the year 2008, the previous big crisis, The Spanish salary loses 3.1% of purchasing power about this moment.

Madrid and the Basque Country in the lead

The findings reveal the great variation in wages according to the autonomous community. In first position is the Community of Madrid, with 2,077 euros, followed by the Basque Country (2,051 euros), Navarre (1,883 euros), Catalonia (1,866 euros) and Asturias (1,754 euros) . At the other extreme, the Canary Islands have been the region with the lowest average salary for two years, now with 1,416 euros per month, escorted by Extremadura, with 1,418 euros.

From the above it follows maximum difference of 661 euros per month (7,932 euros per year) between the highest remuneration (Madrid) and the lowest (Canary Islands). In other words, an average Madrid employee receives on average 47% more than a Canarian employee. In other words, what an average worker in the Canary Islands receives in a whole year is the same as what an average worker in the Community of Madrid earns in just over eight months.

Both in Industry and in Services, there is great diversity in the average salary of the sections that belong to them. While in the former they have seen their average salary grow over the past year, manufacturing with 5.7%, and in the electricity and gas sector with an increase of 3.7%, services have not experienced as much increase. The biggest increase corresponds to Hospitality (+26.3%). However, there is eight service activities with salaries lower than the lowest salary from the industrial sector, such as administrative activities (1,265 euros), artistic and recreational activities (1,269 euros), trade (1,520 euros), real estate (1,747 euros), education (1,737 euros) or transport and storage (1,740 euros).

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