These are the powerful networks that Uber allegedly connected to Russian millionaires

These are the powerful networks that Uber allegedly connected to Russian millionaires

The knowledge of thousands of documents that account for irregular practices of Uber in different countries shows the networks that the company has moved to Russia in order to have a great influence in this country.

According to the newspaper Guardian. Uber is said to have secretly orchestrated a political operation to ally itself with several Russian oligarchs and thus be able to gain influence over the Kremlin and position the company in this country.

According to documents obtained by the newspaper, Uber originally hired Vladimir Senin, a prominent lobbyist who is a pro-Kremlin member of the state, to allegedly displace its influence and violate US anti-corruption laws.

At the time, Uber claimed to have hired Senin but said it saw no violation of the law and that at the time it had no close relationship with Putin.

But that’s not all the document reveals. In 2016, the company quickly sought deals with companies controlled by big billionaires such as Alisher Usmanov, Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven, as well as Herman Gref, head of Russia’s largest state-controlled bank. , Sberbank.

In this way, Uber has managed to secure itself as a partner in Russia with alliances with important businessmen who are now in difficulty due to the sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, between 2015 and 2016, documents showed that Uber aimed to make Russian millionaires “strategic allies”, while offering them shares ahead of their planned IPO and gaining political support in return.

With this strategy, Uber managed to circumvent regulators and officials in different countries and “disavow” the laws of different nations, including Russia.

However, according to the newspaper, he did not get the desired response and in 2017 Uber withdrew from Russia and announced that it would sell the remaining stake to a joint venture with Yandex, which does not exonerate it. apparently not for attempting to enter Russian territory. market using its political influence.

According Guardianin 2014, Uber was denounced by a nationalist member of the Russian Duma and many supported calls from the Kremlin for the company to be sanctioned.

However, a few days later, the same company said that there were already agreements with possible Russian investors and they named the important tycoons close to Putin, which raised suspicions and that now, with the documents found, this could be confirmed.

A total of 124,000 documents from Uber’s archives show that the company’s executives allegedly used unethical techniques to expand the business across the world, according to a six-month investigation by the British newspaper. Guardian.

In the interpretation of the files, the journalists warn that Uber crossed the obscure corridors of the governments to bring their project into the legislation of each nation, whose letters initially closed the doors to them to operate.

In order to convey the characters who would have the ability to make the transformations into laws, Uber considered investing approximately $90 million in 2016 deposited in the lobbya public relations technique used by private parties to influence political decisions.

“His strategy often involved going over the heads of city mayors and transport authorities, and going straight to the seat of power (…) the documents indicate that Uber was adept at finding unofficial routes to the power,” reads the first episode of the leak.

.The influence would have been exercised through friends and intermediaries who used their proximity to solicit meetings with politicians. According to the survey, great personalities from Russia, Italy and Germany fell there.

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