They install Windows 98 on the Xbox Series X | S, yes, you can play Half-Life

Half-Life en Windows 98 con Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

Today we find that the guys from Digital Foundry managed to install the operating system Windows 98 on the consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Icing on the cake, the combination works perfectly, to the point of being a functional change.

Of course, although it is functional, it is indicated that you will literally face a slightly winding road to achieve what they have achieved:

“Be prepared for many installations, via a somewhat tortuous procedure. It begins with an unusual solution to install the RetroArch emulation system on the Xbox, which in turn runs DOSBox Pure,” they say from Digital Foundry.

“I used this video guide to get started without using developer mode.”

Half-Life on Windows 98 with Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S

“Once you have DOSBox Pure running on your Xbox console, you also need to -get this- install Windows 98 itself. Fue un surrealista moment instalar este operativo del siglo XX en una console Microsoft de la época de 2020, pero sin duda este debe ser el futuro brilliant que Bill Gates predicted en su día… pero quizás no de una forma tan poco amigable para user. All software, including Windows 98 itself, must be obtained and loaded via RetroArch support for disc ISOs. I opted for the FTP method to transfer these ISOs from my PC to my Xbox consoles – unfortunately, most logical method of Xbox optical drive not possible.

In the end, you get a full installation of the Windows 98 operating system on your Xbox Series console, with the games fully installed, which means that you can use it like any old PCto the point where I scripted the video embedded on this page using Microsoft Word on my Series X, with the help of a resurrected Clippy.

From there, everything is simpler, with one exception. Unfortunately, RetroArch is not compatible with USB mice, which means that the right stick of the Xbox controller needs to be replaced. As you can imagine, using the controller as an emulated mouse is a limiting factor for ergonomics and control. I find it perfectly usable on the desktop and in most first-person shooters, but it’s a pain in isometric titles and real-time strategy games.”

After summarizing what you will find in the video, let’s move on to the interesting part, play great classics like Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun with total fluidity and without sound problems (although using the joystick of the gamepad like a mouse), Turok, Quake II, or even the half life.

Obviously, apart from the time it will take you to install everything, one of the main disadvantages is related to the possibility of not using the mouse, but if you want to take advantage great classics of the video game industry from the comfort of your couch, or come back to feel the nostalgia of having a Windows 98 computer in your Xbox consoleyou already know that it is possible and the most important: How to do it.

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