This The Last of Us Part II Player Uses Mines Like You’ve Never Seen Before

This The Last of Us Part II Player Uses Mines Like You've Never Seen Before

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The combat system of The Last of Us Part II continues to amaze with its possibilities.

A key aspect of The Last of Us Part II experience, though not quite as compelling, was its violent combat system that he did not hesitate to show how his protagonists put an end to the life of dogs between the moans of the animal or how the enemies mourned the death of one of their companions if they found his corpse. A very raw experience that is not suitable for all stomachs. Ellie presented herself as a real killing machine with all the elements of her arsenal, from the bow to the pistol, passing by mines to blow up enemies.

Mines may have been one of the least used items in Ellie’s gear by players, as it’s easier to shoot wildly than to plan a scenario and lay mines, but one player showed the enormous potential of these homemade bombs when it comes to killing enemies without even pulling the trigger. A timed spectacle of enemies exploding live.

This The Last of Us Part II Player Does a Mine Trick Like You've Never Seen Before

The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the most expensive and ambitious games in PlayStation history

As we see in this clip, the mines of The Last of Us Part II, in addition to being extremely deadly for almost all types of enemies, have the particularity of can activate other mines if in range. So, with enough mines, a scenario can be set up and activated in a coordinated manner mines throughout the area to create a real massacre. A good tactic to keep in mind for your future independent multiplayer section.

This player takes as an example the famous scene of the store which serves as one of the first encounters with the Seraphites. We see how a single mine is able to kill the enemy and after the first one explodes the mines follow everywhere in a domino effect with effects so strong on screen that they slow down the action. This also works for outdoor spaces, of course.

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The Last of Us returns to PS5

It doesn’t have the degree of violence of the second part, but The Last of Us Part I is coming to PS5 on September 2 shaped remake of the original 2013 game thanks to the technology behind The Last of Us Part II and the potential of next-gen consoles. Take a look at the graphical enhancement and modeling of this Tess scene. Apart from the visual improvement, it is now much more realistic and displays the age that corresponds to it.

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