Tickets for the Sting concert in Castrelos will go on sale Friday

Tickets for the Sting concert in Castrelos will go on sale Friday

The operation for the concerts of Castrelos pick up its cruising speed. The Council will activate this Friday the sale of tickets for the payment area of ​​the Sting concert in Vigo.

Thus, and despite the fact that there is still a month left for what will be “the most important summer concert in Galicia” According to Abel Caballero, the long-awaited landing of the American singer in the city will be without haste.

After having had to postpone the concerts planned for 2020 and 2021, the fans of the ex-leader of Police for 12 euros in the lower area otTotally free in the pit area and on the park tracks.

The announcement was made today by Mayor Abel Caballero after Activate the ticket sales site of all the concerts of Castrelos, which saw the light of day with the commercialization of those of Joan Manuel Serrat’s Farewell Tour (July 10) and sold out within minutes.

Where to buy Sting tickets?

There will be multiple ways to access some of the 5,000 sting tickets, this being the maximum capacity for the lower stalls.

They will be on sale on the municipal website ( into two sections. To 10:00 a.m. 1,500 tickets will already be released 5 p.m., 1,500 others. According to Caballero, it is thus planned that people who work in the morning or afternoon can access it. The price is 12 euro.

Among older people, there will be 1,000 other entries which will be sold at the ticket office of the Praza do Rei Municipal Auditorium at 10:00 a.m. that day and others 1,000 which will be sold from 5:00 p.m.. During each reservation, you can buy as maximum two entries in the same operation.

In this way, the sale of tickets is doubled by the direct sale of the Town Hall. “We want the people of Vigo to buy it” assured the alderman after several resale ads that tripled the price of reservations to see Serrat.

In this sense, the manager To throw when the tickets become nominal.

complete programming

Castrelos auditorium will rise again July 10. Which one is one of the best open-air auditoriums in Galicia will vibrate, dance, jump and sing again in 2022. The coronavirus pandemic has made mute at the popular place of Vigo for two consecutive years. Free concerts return to Castrelos. In total, only in Vigo, there will be more than 50 throughout the summer (You can check dates, locations and tickets for each of them at this link).

below you can see all concerts in Castrelos to be held this summer as part of the cycle from Vigo to Festas classified by date.

the singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat will be in Vigo on July 10 with his farewell tour “Le vice du chant 1965-2022”. It is another of the performances included in the programming of Vigo en Festas.

This is the last tour of singer-songwriter, poet and composer, one of the most relevant in Spain and Latin America, and which began at the Beacon Theater in New York, later ending in South America and finally returning to Spain for the summer season.

  • TICKETS: 10 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

The Colombian singer performed at the last Oscar gala. He performed the theme Dos Oruguitas, from Charming animated film, who took the statuette in its category. Yatra’s song was nominated for these awards.

He will arrive in Vigo to perform at the Castrelos auditorium the next Wednesday July 13.

  • TICKETS: 10 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

Musical adaptation of the well-known story based on the Mexican tradition of The day of the Dead.

It tells the story of a boy who dreams of being a great musician. To obtain the blessing of his family, who oppose him, he will accidentally travel to the world of the dead. In this adventure, he will discover the importance of family love and that only those who are forgotten die.

  • TICKETS: Waiting for confirmation.

First adaptation in Galician of one of today’s most theatrical musicals. Cast of 13 soloists and a choir of over 20 voices, all live. Props full of color, with great visual impact, masks, costumes, makeup and lights for staging.

  • TICKETS: Waiting for confirmation.

One of top performing national groups and who has a more special relationship with Galicia could not be missing in the programming from Vigo to Festas. lesbian love will play again in the city as part of the Vigo in Festas lineup, specifically the Friday July 29.

The group has more than 20 years of racing behind his back and Grammys in his file. The Catalan formation is a Galician Festival Classic -PortAmérica, CuadalFest, Atlantic….- and after having played at the Transatlantic Dock or at the University, he finally made the leap to Castrelos Park.

  • TICKETS: 10 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

He was one of most popular names for Vigo’s poster at Festas and they couldn’t miss it. Tanxugueirasthe fashionable group in Galicia this year, will raise the auditorium of Castrelos this summer. It will be July 30.

A tribute to children’s songs that combines the magic of history and the spectacularity of musical comedy. Mickey Mouse will surprise everyone with the big rock party, where he will go through the adventures of various Disney factory stories accompanied by his friends Minie, Donald or Goofy. Superb live songs, acrobatics and dizzying choreography in a show for children and adults

Leiva will stop in Vigo as part of her tour “When You Bite Your Lip”. His performance can be enjoyed in the auditorium of Castrelos Thursday August 4.

  • TICKETS: 12 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

One of the most anticipated concerts at the Castrelos auditorium is that of Sting, who was also one of the first to cancel his annual tour in 2020 due to the global health crisis. the English musician it also canceled its performances in 2021so we had to wait until 2022.

He will perform in the outdoor auditorium Saturday, August 6, 2022. “It will be a memorable concert,” said the mayor, Abel Caballero.

  • TICKETS: 12 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

Lola Indigo will perform in the Olive Park on monday august 8. This is the music group led by Mimi Doblas, a former candidate for Operation Triumph 2017. He became known in 2010 during his participation in the television dance show “Fame Revolution” When I was 18.

After passing through the program, the Madrid native continued to complete her training in Los Angeles, China or Thailand with the choreographers of Jennifer López, Nicki Minaj or Beyonce, in addition to dancing with international artists such as Chris Brown, Miguel Bose or Fyahboy.

  • TICKETS: 5 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

60-minute educational show with live music to teach the history of rock and roll.

The “Oso Rosendo” mascot tells anecdotes about the most outstanding bands, talks about the protagonists and, in addition, popular songs from different eras are performed: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns&Roses, Metallica, Iron Maiden or Nirvana. It has a first class group of musicians.

Sons of Ruin and Wöyza

This year, rap and hip hop will also have their place in one of the best open-air auditoriums in Galicia. As announced by the mayor, Abel Caballero, son of ruin will arrive in Vigo the next August 11. The trio formed by acquaintances Natos and Waor and Recycled J, will meet in Castrelos where they will present their third work together, ‘Sons of Ruin Vol.3’, which currently represent a whole flag for lovers of the group as well as of the genre.

But the rap will not only come from the hand of Hijos de la ruina. The viguesa wöyza will also perform in Castrelos on Thursday August 11.

  • TICKETS: 10 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

National rock will once again thrill the auditorium of Castrelos with one of the most famous bands on the scene: G men.

The concert will be Sunday August 14.

  • TICKETS: 10 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

It will undoubtedly be a concert of “scandal“. Raphaël will be another of the artists Bestseller mount this year at the auditorium of Castrelos.

The singer will once again experience “a great evening” as part of his “Raphael 6.0” tour with which he celebrates his sixty years of musical career. will be the August 16 of 2022.

  • TICKETS: 10 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

Madrid singer Daniel Martin will also be posted this year on castrelos auditorium give a concert as part of the Vigo en Festas municipal program. The performance of the composer, leader and singer of the group The Fool’s Song It will be August 17.

  • TICKETS: 12 euros in the stalls and free in the stands.

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