Ukraine war: Russia cuts Italy’s gas supply by a third


Russia has cut Italy’s gas supply by a third. As the Italian hydrocarbon company Eni, 30% controlled by the state, assured on Tuesday, Gazprom said it will supply by Monday gas volumes of around 21 million cubic meters per day, against an average of more than 32 million cubic meters. per day in recent days.

The announcement coincides with the interruption of gas supplies to Germany for “maintenance” via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, the gas pipeline that connects Russia and Germany through the Baltic Sea, a measure that will last until to July 21. A small part of Russian gas reaches Italy via Nord Stream 1 but the vast majority goes through the TAG pipeline, which reaches Tarvisio in the north of the country via Ukraine.


Part of Nord Stream 1 in Lubmin, Germany

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The reduction follows many other reductions that Italy has already experienced since mid-June. The moment could not be more critical, in the middle of a heat wave and while the great drought that the country is going through is affecting hydroelectric power stations.

Italy is a country heavily dependent on Russian gas, but Mario Draghi’s government has set to work diversifying its energy sources and, as recently reported, has reduced its reliance on Moscow by 40% 25% of its imports since the start of the war.

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It did this through agreements with countries like Azerbaijan and Algeria, which slightly increased their shipments through the TAP and Transmed pipeline, but also by buying more gas from northern countries and strengthening the three regasifiers available. The TAP, the Trans-Adriatic which sends gas from fields in Azerbaijan, is reaching its maximum capacity. They have also signed agreements with the Republic of Congo, Qatar and Angola,

Italy is concentrating on taking advantage of the warm months to fill its deposits and that the winter will be less of a problem than analysts predict. Draghi’s goal is to have the gas storage spaces at 90% capacity in November, and currently, according to what gas company Snam said today, they are at 64%. To achieve this objective, the government has decided to encourage gas reserves through loans to companies in the sector with an investment of 4,000 million euros managed by the public company Gestora de Servicios Energéticos.

“We are working to help create a much-needed reserve during the winter months by filling the reservoirs. Yesterday we reached 6,100 million cubic meters stored, which is 64% of the target,” Snam CEO Stefano Venier said today.

Rome is also preparing to increase the use of coal-fired power plants and has started an energy rigor plan which prohibits, among other things, setting the air conditioning below 25 degrees in public buildings.

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