Venezuelan Prosecutor’s Office clarifies the murder of Carlos Lanz

Venezuelan Prosecutor's Office clarifies the murder of Carlos Lanz

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab reported on Wednesday the arrest of 13 people for their connection to the kidnapping and then murder of revolutionary leader Carlos Lanz in August 2020.


The Venezuelan prosecutor will indict those responsible for the crime against Carlos Lanz

Saab detailed that the renowned politician, sociologist and revolutionary activist was initially kidnapped by hitmen on August 8, 2020, after leaving his home in Maracay, Aragua state. He then disappeared until he was killed with a gun.

He mentioned that “it’s a hair-raising plot that’s like a cocktail of terror, mixing multiple criminal motives. For months, and almost two years, they wanted to give it a political nuance.

He offered details and evidence that incriminated the intellectual and material perpetrators of this fact, among which stood out Lanz’s partner at the time, Maxiorisol Cumare.

One of the co-perpetrators and witness to the crime, Glen Castellanos, admitted to having participated in the murder of Lanz on the orders of Cumare. In an audiovisual, projected during the appearance, Castellanos mentions other authors.

The attorney general said Cumare and another official, Tito Viloria, used deception to drag Lanz out of his residence and abduct him, then took him to the La Fortaleza farm in Cojedes state.

There, two assassins hired by Castellanos shot him twice in the right temple. The hitmen were hired with funding provided by Cumare, who ordered the body not to appear.

Traces of blood and brain mass were found at said farm in an open grave to bury Lanz, in addition to a fragment of the shirt he was wearing at the time of his disappearance.

Saab explained that after the crime, the hitmen and the farm foreman dismembered him and dumped his remains on a pig farm.

He pointed out that one of the killers has already been captured and the other is still wanted by the authorities. He specified that the investigation lasted two years and more than 230 procedures were carried out, but he warned that it is still in progress and that new arrests are not excluded.

He criticized that sectors of society have joined in a politically motivated chorus over the past two years to denigrate Venezuela on the assumption that its authorities were covering up what happened.

Lanz had been part of the National Liberation Armed Forces and their political arm, the PRV-Ruptura movement, since the mid-1960s.

Since 1985, he has devoted himself to teaching and training left-wing cadres. He is considered to have contributed to the theoretical and political foundations of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), both for his example of militant life and for his research on unconventional warfare and psychological operations.

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