Verstappen responds to Hamilton: ‘It’s good that at 37 I can learn’

Verstappen responds to Hamilton: 'It's good that at 37 I can learn'

    Time tends to heal wounds, the saying goes. In the case of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, it’s not like that. A year, 2021, where they fought with high swords and clashed several times in direct duels. The ashes continue to burn and no one wants to put them out. Mercedes’ driver at Silverstone commented that battling now with Leclerc, with whom he battled to third in his home grand prix, makes a lot more “sense” than when he had Verstappen alongside him. The Dutchman didn’t want to keep quiet and answered.

    There are always tensions between the two

    Max tried to smooth the cracks in this fight more than his English rival, yes. In preparation for last weekend’s British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen said he had no hard feelings against Lewis Hamilton for the brutal crash suffered after the Mercedes driver hit him on the corner of Copse last year.

    Yet last Sunday Hamilton had a similar duel at the same venue, with Charles Leclerc overtaking the seven-time away champion. After the race was over, the Mercedes man recalled both actions and described Leclerc’s driving as “reasonable” and “different” from what he had had to go through and experience a year before with the Dutchman. A dialectical battle that resumed.

    That of Red Bull, when he found out, was already preparing the ground because he knew that a few days later they would end up asking him. In Austria, Verstappen received the press from his country and, of course, they asked him if he thought Charles Leclerc was a more sensible driver than him, as Hamilton said. And it didn’t take him long to respond to his rival. “It’s rather a good thing that at 37, he can still learn to draw the top of a curve. He learns so it’s positive“, pointed out Verstappen, a smile appearing in the corner of his face.

    And it didn’t stop there, it went further. “It’s also good for young drivers to know that you can still learn at 37. I think it’s good that he found a way to grab that peak now“, he insisted.

    Regarding Hamilton’s two maneuvers in the same corner from one year to the next, Verstappen was keen to point out that they are not identical because the Englishman drew the curve differently. “You can clearly see in the pictures what he did differently from last year. I think Charles gave him less space than me, so that says it all. And in the end, it was him (Lewis) who was penalized at that time, so there’s no point in talking about it either.“.

    Now the Red Bull fight, at the moment, is more with Charles Leclerc than with Lewis Hamilton. But Mercedes continues to progress and they are getting closer. The 2021 duel can happen again with a new combat partner in between. No one here forgets the past.

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