What pushed Ana María Aldón to hit rock bottom was Ortega Cano’s call to “It’s already 8”

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  • Ana María Aldón answers everyone’s questions about her future with Ortega Cano.

  • Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano will they separate? What made you hit rock bottom?

  • José Antonio Avilés has spoken with Ana Maria Aldón’s brother and knows if he will divorce.

Ana Maria Aldon continues sick leave on medical prescription, as we reported last week from ‘Live life’. The employee is Restful while the media speculate on your condition and his future with José Ortega Cano. Jose Antonio Aviles spoke with a brother of Ana María, who admits that the bullfighter’s wife replied, via a WhatsApp family group, if she is going to separate from her husband and what made her hit rock bottom.

The family by Ana María Aldón is shown concerned for her. So much so that they show their concern in a family chat so that she herself reads it and decides on it. From her absolute rest, she answers he doesn’t want to talk to anyone and Answer to the questions posed by his brothers and the spectators: Are you going to separate from Ortega Cano? What brought you to the situation you find yourself in?

The reasons why Ana María Aldón “hits rock bottom”

“Your brother categorically denies me that he will separate or divorcecomments by Avilés. “The situation that generated all this and that it hit rock bottom it’s not so much the wedding, but how she feels over the months. She tells me that they are worried because they have never seen Ana like this (they cannot contact her), so much so that when Ana María was very sick she always turned to her brother or his daughter, and that’s not happening now. What he does is call his mother, every day.”

Jose Antonio Aviles

Jose Antonio Avilestelecinco.es

“Ana María was not alone in Costa Ballena”, continues the collaborator, “she had a person who resembles her sister, the wife of a banderillero, an intimate of Ortega Cano. She was with her, taking care of her, pampering her. The fact that Ana María mainly plays the fonda is that she she feels betrayed by many people. Interpret my words, when I speak of betrayal it is that she needs to have people around her in whom trust. She thinks everything she does is known.”

What happened after Ortega Cano called “It’s already 8 a.m.”?

After hearing this information, Emma Garcia intervenes to give information that guarantees that it is true: “What they transmit to me is that after Ortega Cano’s call to ‘It’s already eight o’clock’, something is happening, a situation at home, and that’s what makes Ana María hit rock bottom and leave the house. I can’t say more because I’m not allowed. That’s not my opinion, that’s like that. That’s what makes it hit rock bottom.”

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